Live Death! नाचते-नाचते अचानक जमीन पर गिरा युवक और… देखिए बारात में मौत का Viral Video

Report – Ashutosh Tiwari

Reva. Have you ever seen a live video of death? This video is of a procession but the shocking thing is that a scene of death has been captured in it. On Tuesday night, the groom’s friend was dancing to the tune of the band in a marriage procession from UP at Amardeep Marriage Garden in Rewa. While dancing for a long time, the groom’s friend suddenly fell on the ground and in no time there was mourning and chaos among all the baratis, when it came to know that he had died.

Along with the country, the increasing cases of heart attack in Rewa are surprising people. In winter, these cases are coming to the fore a bit more. Amidst all this, a shocking case has come to light from Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video is of live death. It has been learned about the viral video that the young man who went to a friend’s wedding fell victim to a heart attack.

When happiness turned to sorrow

The heart attack came to the young man when he was dancing fiercely at the wedding with his friends. The procession had come from Kanpur to Rewa. The young man had a heart attack while dancing and then the people who were on the spot hurriedly took the young man to the hospital. But on reaching the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. After this death, the happiness of marriage turned into mourning.

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