Metro Station: दुनिया के ये हैं सबसे खूबसूरत मेट्रो स्टेशन, अद्भत है यहां का नजारा

Saint Petersburg Metro, Russia: Russia’s underground station looks very beautiful due to high ceilings, marble everywhere, lavish decorations. Most people definitely talk about this wonderful metro of St. Petersburg in Moscow. St. Petersburg Metro is not that big. It has only 72 stations. However, half of these 72 are really good and maybe 7 or 8 look amazing. The most beautiful metro stations in St. Petersburg are Avtovo, Navskaya, Admiralteyskaya and Ploshad Vosstaniya. The metro still works on the old-fashioned token system, which you have to buy from vending machines located inside stations along with ticket counters. You can also pay with a contactless card, called the Podoroznik Metro Card. (Photo: Social Media)

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