Naagin: नागिन का ये रूप नहीं देखा होगा, 20 दिन से एक ही घर में डाला डेरा और परिवार…

Report- Shashwat Singh

A surprising case has come to light in Poonch town of Jhansi district. A snake has been camping in a house in this town for the last 20 days. The amazing thing is that neither the other snake is going out of the house nor the family members are trying to drive her away.

The family members have been feeding him milk for 20 days. The serpent also sometimes sits in one room of the house and sometimes it encamps in another room. She is not biting any member of the house and the members of the house are also taking care of her fearlessly.

Amar Singh, who lives in the house, told that this serpent was seen in the room of the house about 20 days ago. The family members thought that it would go away on its own after a few days. But, the serpent did not go out of the house. The family members put milk in a bowl in front of him. The serpent drank milk and went to another room of the house and camped.

The serpent did not harm anyone

Suman, a member of the house, said that 20 days ago when suddenly this serpent entered the house. In the beginning an attempt was made to drive away but she did not move from there. After this the people of the house started taking care of him. Has not yet bitten any household member or pet. Children also play with certainty at home.

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