Nagaur News: कलात्मक दीवारों से बढ़ रही नागौर की शोभा, बच्चे निशुल्क दिखा रहे अपना हुनर

Report – Krishna Kumar

Nagaur. With the help of the district administration, the district administration is also encouraging these young men and women engaged in painting. District Collector Piyush Samariya and Additional District Collector Mohanlal Khatnawalia understood his enthusiastic work and now the district administration is also providing materials used in painting, colors etc. The district administration is also getting cement plaster done in the walls from the Municipal Council before painting.

On the encouragement of the District Administration and the Municipal Council, these youths engaged in creative work have also beautified the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission premises. Member of the Consumer Commission, Balveer Khudkhudiya said that with the inspiration of Commission Chairman Dr. Shyam Sundar Lata and with the special support of Additional District Collector Mohanlal Khatnawalia, the District Commission has been equipped with paintings, slogans and paintings related to consumer awareness. Due to this the complex is attracting a lot of people.
These children are busy in decorating the walls

from your city (Nagaur)

College students under the leadership of NSS volunteer Gajraj Kanwar are engaged in beautifying the walls with painting. Gajraj Kanwar says that we are getting everyone’s cooperation including district administration, college, scouts in this.
Little Lavishka is also painting

Along with these college students, a small girl Lavishka Sikhwal is also showing interest in painting. She spends the whole day carrying brushes for painting with these older children after school. This girl, who is bringing her father along, says that she is very fond of painting.

inspiration from
These boys and girls engaged in painting have got inspiration and encouragement from different places. Some from college, some from scouts, there are some girls like this too. Those who have received encouragement from Dharmapal Dogiwal, the headmaster of Sant Balramdas School since the Corona period. Bhumika Sikhwal and Saanvi Sikhwal say that two years ago they got the opportunity to do this work from Sant Balramdas School. Inspired by different places, these boys and girls are now engaged in beautifying the walls and offices of the city under the direction of Additional District Collector Khatnawalia.
in creation away from the phone
Nowadays, where children are busy with their phones, dozens of these college students are using their free time for creative work like painting. After school and college time, these students are promoting their skills by engaging in work like painting with enthusiasm.

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