Nagaur News : ‘चाहिए तो ले जाएं ज्यादा है तो दे जाएं’, देखें कैसे यह एक लाइन नागौर में कर रही कमाल

Nagaur. A line written on a wall in the district has become a topic of discussion these days. In the winter season, when the temperature of Nagaur, like many areas of Rajasthan, is falling and conditions like cold wave are prevailing, then this wall is motivating many people to help the homeless and the needy. It is being called the ‘Wall of Righteousness’ and you too can do service here. If you are also looking for the right place to donate warm clothes etc., then this is the place. Ghulam Mustafa Welfare Society is helping poor and needy people.

Javed Gauri, who is called the helper of the poor of Nagaur, has got this tagline written on this wall, ‘If you need it, take it, if you need more, give it’. Gauri told that the aim is that if people can be motivated towards donating for the poor. According to him, there are many such people in the city, who are dependent on many affluent people to save them from the havoc of this season. If you want to donate to help the poor or needy yourself, you can contact Javed Gauri on his mobile number 8852911786.

Often people find out about any needy or keep searching for the right organization to help. Gauri has prepared a unique platform for help. Seeing Gauri, who is helping people by putting jackets, sweaters and other warm clothes etc. on the wall of the city’s Seth Kishanlal Kankaria Government School, many people are joining. Apart from donating clothes, Gauri also provides fodder for cows, water and medical facilities for dumb animals. Nagaur collector has also honored Gauri at the district level.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 20, 2023, 12:26 IST

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