Nagaur News : जब मुंह बोली बहन के घर भात लेकर पहुंचे शिक्षक, दो बेटियों का करवाया विवाह, जानिए पूरा मामला

Nagaur. In Degana’s Sanju, government school teachers spent lakhs of rupees in the marriage of two daughters of a widowed assistant worker. Here, amidst patriotic songs, female teachers sang Myra songs and Sanju reached Antrauli Kala on the tune of DJ. The villagers were surprised by the unique initiative of the teachers of Sarada Government School located in Sanju. Let me tell you that this has happened for the first time in Nagaur district. When the teachers have filled the myra of one lakh eleven thousand for their partner.

Let us tell you that a unique initiative has been seen by the teachers of Sarda Government Higher Secondary School in Sanju of Degana subdivision of Nagaur district. The marriage of Suman Kanwar and Sonu Kanwar, two daughters of Bhagwati Devi, the assistant staff of her own school, was organized on 26 January. In this, the teachers of the school presented a unique example and filled a cash donation of Rs 111000. Which has now become a topic of discussion in the whole of Rajasthan.

Teachers sang Myra song amidst patriotic songs

The day of 26th January is special for every countryman and on this day patriotic songs resonate everywhere and on this special day the teachers of Sarada Government School of Sanju village of Degana tehsil celebrated Myra at the wedding of the daughters of school staff assistant Bhagwati Kanwar. Before reaching there, she was seen singing a patriotic song.

Teacher arrived as brother in marriage of two daughters

Suman Kanwar and Sonu Kanwar, two daughters of Bhagwati, a widowed assistant cleaning staff in a government school, arrived as brothers in the wedding of the daughters of the teacher widow of the area. Which remained the subject of discussion in the area. Along with this, with the hard work of Principal Munni Lal Panwar V Vice Principal Raghunath Ram Binda, the staff of the school together paid an allowance of one lakh eleven thousand rupees for the widowed sister.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 28, 2023, 12:54 IST

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