Nagaur News: दंगल फिल्म जैसी है नागौर के 4 पहलवानों की कहानी, पढ़िए रोचक स्टोरी

Report- Krishna Bishnoi

Nagaur. You all must have seen the movie Dangal. In which four daughters of Mahavir Phogat proved their mettle in wrestling. We are going to introduce you to such a story. The story of the family of Ramshwerlal Rahar, a resident of Rotu village in Nagaur, is also similar to the movie Dangal. Just as Geeta and Babita proved their mettle in the wrestling world in Dangal movie, similarly Nagaur’s son Dinesh and daughter Sarita have won state level and district level gold medals. And his sisters have also won district level bronze medal.

Four siblings inspired by father
Dinesh told that all four of us brothers and sisters decided to take up wrestling after seeing their father. Because his father used to do wrestling in the village earlier. All four brothers and sisters were inspired by seeing their father doing wrestling. After that all the four brothers and sisters started wrestling.

from your city (Nagaur)

4 wrestlers in the same family
Such a family of Nagaur in which all four brothers and sisters do wrestling. Those who have proved their mettle in the world of wrestling. These four wrestlers belong to a very simple family. His father works in agriculture.

Practice started by putting tarpaulin in the arena
Dinesh told that due to non-availability of maintenance facilities, the mat was made by putting a tarpaulin over the soil. After that all four brothers and sisters started practice there. Because we did not have proper resources. For this they started working hard on the soil.

Rise from the hut and make a destination
At present, he has achieved this position by rising from the hut built in his farm. He told that he used to practice for 7 to 8 hours daily. And want to play for the country in future.

This is how the name was illuminated
In the recently held wrestling competition, Dinesh (21 years) has won the gold medal at the state level in the 57 kg category. Apart from this, Dinesh has won District Champion 20 times, Bronze Medal in Khelo India and Bronze Medal in University. Whereas wrestler Sharmila (20 years) has won district champion 12 times in 50 kg category, bronze medal in Khelo India State, silver medal in junior state level.

Wrestler Sarita (18 years) won gold medal in Inter University in 50 kg category, participated in All India University and won gold medal 3 times at district level. Wrestler Raveena (15 years) is state level silver medalist in school, 3 times gold medalist at district level and state level wrestler in 46 kg category.

He gave full credit of his success to his family.
All the four sisters have given the credit of their success to the family and their coach. The dream of all four siblings is to play for the country.

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