OMG:अंत‍िम संस्‍कार के वक्‍त जिंदा हो गया शख्‍स, देखकर भागने लगे लोग, जान‍िए कैसे हुआ यह ‘चमत्‍कार’

Have you ever thought about what your own funeral would be like, or who might come? Will friends come or not, who among the relatives will come. Well, a Brazilian man faked his own death to find out. To test his family and friends, he got his fake autopsy done while he was still alive. Didn’t even tell the family members. This act of his is being discussed on social media.

According to the report of Daily Mail, the name of this person who faked his death is Baltazar Lemos. Lemos, 60, is a resident of Curitiba, Brazil. First, he himself announced his death through social media. For this, first he posted a picture on Facebook in which he is looking very happy.

Posted photo from hospital
A day later, the picture he posted shows that he is seriously ill and is admitted in the hospital. Two days later, he again posted a picture and wrote that he had died. This left Lemos’s family in shock. They were unaware that he was ill.

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