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We all have a hobby of throwing the keys of the car. Whenever we park our car, we move forward as soon as we toss the key. But in Canada, this hobby became overwhelming for a woman. The key fell on his face and the whole face was covered in blood.

According to the Daily Mail report, 24-year-old Renee Lariviere, who lives in northern Canada, was preparing to go to McDonald’s. She also took one of her friends along and got down from the apartment to get the car. His friend was tossing the bunch of keys again and again. Meanwhile, she was also talking. Then this bunch of keys fell on the face of Renee Lariviere and the whole face became bloody.

I was afraid that I might go blind
In the horrifying pictures that have surfaced, it is seen that a key is completely embedded in his cheek. When the X-ray was done, it was found that the key was inserted about one and a half inches in the place near his nose. He had also torn many veins, due to which a lot of blood was shed. Renee said that I could not believe that the key would enter inside the face like this. I was scared that I might go blind.

Even the doctors did not believe
Panicked friends immediately called the emergency service after the accident and he was taken to a hospital in an ambulance. Renee said that even the doctors and nurses were shocked to see this. Doctors from different departments were coming to see, because they could not believe it. Several doctors even took pictures of me so that they could show their students that anything like this could happen.
My CT scan was done and the wound was filled through plastic surgery.

never seen so much fear
Renee said, I am so scared that again and again I am realizing that someone is throwing the key and misses the catch and it hits my face. I have never felt so much fear. My friend was so scared that she was repeatedly taking the name of God. He said, I didn’t care much about the injury as it would heal in a few days after treatment but my biggest worry is still that I might lose my eyesight because of it. Because the place where the injury has happened is just below the eye. I feel equal heaviness on my face. It felt like something heavy was placed on my face.

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