OMG! गुप्त रोग से परेशान युवक ने पी कीटनाशक, रोकने पर नहीं माना तो बहन ने भी खाई दवाई

Gaurav Kumar Jha

Godda. In Jharkhand’s Godda district, a case of suicide attempt by a sister and brother by consuming insecticide has come to the fore. The incident is of a village under Pathargama police station area. According to the information received, the youth is suffering from a secret disease for the last three years. For this, he is being treated continuously, but despite taking medical treatment and herbs, he is not getting well. For this reason, in depression, he tried to kill himself by consuming insecticide.

When the young man saw his sister eating pesticide, she tried to stop him, but the young man did not agree and took the pesticide in his mouth. Being stressed due to this, his sister also consumed insecticide. After some time, the health of both the siblings started deteriorating. When the family members came to know about the use of pesticides by them, there was a stir.

Brother and sister were rushed to Sadar Hospital in a hurry. Both are being treated here under the supervision of doctors. According to doctors, his condition is currently out of danger.

Siblings were alone at home at the time of the incident

His mother told that her son was suffering from a secret disease for three years. Even after a lot of treatment, it was not improving. That’s why being fed up with the disease, the son tried to kill himself. When my daughter tried to stop him, he did not agree. After this, the daughter also consumed the same medicine (insecticide) in panic.

It is being told that both brother and sister were alone at home at the time of the incident. His mother had gone out. When she returned, she saw that the health of both was deteriorating. After this, both were taken to the hospital with the help of the people of the neighborhood. At the moment the condition of both is fine.

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