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For a mother, her child is the dearest. But you never know how you will react when your baby is born. You will laugh, cry or maybe you react in both ways at the same time. But can you think of licking a baby? That too when he was born immediately. Sounds strange doesn’t it? You will be stunned after seeing the photo. But let us tell you that this is a common practice in Tibetan and Inuit culture.

Brazilian photographer Ludi Sequeria has taken some pictures. In this, a mother starts licking the child immediately after it is born. The child is still holding its umbilical cord, which means it has not yet been separated from the mother. But mother had to do this, if she wanted to show love, she did it. You will be surprised why anyone would want to do this.

it’s maternal instinct
In fact, many people claim that this kind of tendency develops in them immediately after giving birth. She immediately wants to lick her child. This desire is so intense that the woman does not want to stop even for a second. People call it maternal instinct. But let me tell you one thing, this does not happen with everyone. There are only a few moms who have this desire so fast that they cannot wait.

pictures on facebook
After the picture was shared on Facebook, many people gave their arguments on it. Some said that man is a mammal and like other mammals, he also wants to clean his child by licking it. That is why such a tendency is seen in some mothers as well. Now it is important to understand why do mammals lick their newborns for the first time after birth?

what does science say
According to science, they want to clean the child and they are afraid that the child may have any problem. That’s why by giving this kind of touch, encourage them to breathe. Not only this, it kills the smell of the newborn and can protect them from animal attacks. However, apart from this, there is a special kind of bond between an animal or a human mother and child. She wants to pamper her child immediately. Yes, in some women this desire is so strong that they start licking.

what is love hormone
According to a research, immediately after birth, the oxytocin hormone is released from the child’s body, which if the mother licks, reduces her stress and also strengthens the bonding. It is also known as love hormone. This shows how important skin to skin touch is after the birth of the child. It also makes your child feel secure.

Many moms love the smell
Many mothers also say that they like the smell of the newborn very much and hence want to do this. So if you are also pregnant and you have such a desire, then talk to your doctor. Because at that time all kinds of bacteria can enter the child’s body. To save from this, you can take the help of a doctor.

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