OMG! लखनऊ में अब कार की सनरूफ ओपन कर किस करते दिखा प्रेमी जोड़ा, Video Viral

Anjali Singh Rajput

Lucknow. After the video of a young woman riding a scooty on the streets of Hazratganj in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow went viral, now once again the video of a loving couple is going viral here. This time the place is Lohia Path, where a young man and a woman are seen romancing openly by opening the sunroof of a luxury car. This video is being told late Monday night. So far, no information has been found about the lover couple related to this viral video. However, taking cognizance of this video going viral on social media, Lucknow Police has started investigation.

According to the information given by the police, the video is not clear but the vehicle number has been traced. Action will be taken after catching them soon. Lucknow city which is famous for its culture, coming out in such a video puts the people of this place to shame.

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Uttar Pradesh

Let us tell you that, last week, the video of a young man and woman riding a scooty on the road of Hazratganj in an objectionable condition went viral, after which the police arrested the young man seen in the video while tracing the number of the vehicle and filed a case under serious sections. . While the girl was a minor, she was let off with a warning. Despite all the action and strictness of the police, such videos continuously appearing on the streets of Lucknow indicate that law and order is being openly played with.

Demand for action raised on social media

Looking at the speed with which the police is taking action on the videos going viral these days, people on Twitter have tagged the video to Uttar Pradesh Police and Lucknow Police and demanded action. Like the Hazratganj case, people have demanded action on this matter as well.

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