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The question of a girl in Cumberland has surprised the police here.
The girl asked for a DNA test regarding the existence of Santa.
For this, the girl has also sent evidence to the police.

New Delhi. Most of the children ask many types of questions. Sometimes parents are also surprised by these questions of children. The question of a girl child in Cumberland has now surprised the police there. An island girl suspected the existence of Santa. He decides to seek the help of the police to investigate the existence of Santa. After this, he requested the police department to do a DNA test to prove the existence of Santa Claus. This request of the girl has been shared by the Cumberland Police on Facebook.

Scarlett Doumato, a 10-year-old girl, has written a letter to her local police department demanding that leftover carrots and cookies be formally tested for DNA to prove the existence of Santa Claus, NPR reported. After this, the police could not stop themselves from sharing this innocent request of the girl on social media.

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The girl wrote in her letter, ‘I took a sample of a cookie and carrot that I left out for Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve. I’m wondering if you can take a DNA sample from it and see if Santa is real?’ Then along with the letter, the girl sent the evidence to the Forensic Science Unit of the State Health Department.

The police department responded sweetly to the little girl’s request, even sharing photos of her letter and ‘evidence’ on Facebook. Police Chief Matthew Benson said he has forwarded evidence sent by the child to the Rhode Island Department of Health for examination of Santa’s deer bite marks. Let us tell you that earlier this month, the girl had written a letter regarding the existence of Santa.

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