OMG: 17 की उम्र में गंवाई वर्जिनिटी, अब 8 लाख खर्च कर पाई दोबारा; दिखती है फेमस सेलिब्रिटी की हमशक्ल!

In today’s time, one night stand and casual romance have become such a common concept that they are trivial things for boys and girls. They find issues like virginity pointless. In such a situation, he believes in multiple partners. But for an American girl, the issue of virginity is so important that once she has lost it, she is haunted by the specter of becoming a virgin again. To fulfill this hobby, she spent money like water and after getting a strange surgery (Girl underwent surgery to become virgin) again became a ‘virgin’!

According to the report of the New York Post, 22-year-old social media influencer Julia Medeiros, who lives in Miami, is in a lot of discussion these days. She is a native of Brazil and a few days ago also she came in the discussion about her look. Actually, Julia meets a famous American celebrity named Kylie Jenner lookalike. Kylie is a businesswoman, model, influencer and media personality whose looks have millions of fans. Ever since people have seen Julia, they have started calling her a lookalike of Kylie. However, Julia spent a lot of money to look like Kylie. But now Julia is making headlines for another reason.

Regained virginity after spending Rs 8 lakh
According to the report, Julia has regained her virginity. To do this, he has spent Rs 8 lakh on surgery. Julia told that when she was 17 years old, she fell in love with a 30 year old man. Both made a physical relationship, he assured of marriage, but when he took advantage of Kaylee, he separated from them. Kaylee was unhappy with that relationship and wanted to regain her virginity.

Demand for designer private part is increasing among girls
He underwent an expensive surgery and regained his virginity. But now she is choosing her new partner very carefully. She says that now she will lose her virginity only when she finds a person about whom she is sure that she will not be cheated again. According to the New York Post, nowadays, like Julia, many women are getting designer vaginas by undergoing surgery on their private parts. Famous by the name of Labiaplasties, there has been a lot of increase in this surgery.

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