यहां बेटी से शादी कर सकता है बाप, लेकिन गैर-मर्द से नहीं मिला सकती हाथ; हैरान कर देगा ये अजीब कानून!

Here the father can marry the daughter, but cannot shake hands with a non-man; This strange law will surprise you! Harassment against women and following the traditions going on against them are an integral part of the society and community in many countries. Somewhere it is encouraged under the law, and somewhere it is not … Read more

जंगल की तस्वीर में मौजूद है एक भालू, कोई जीनियस ही ढूंढ पाएगा, वक्त है सिर्फ 8 सेकंड!

Can You Spot the Bear Hiding in the Forest: Every day many pictures of Optical Allusion (Spot The Object In Picture) go viral on social media. Actually these pictures are considered very good for your brain exercise. Don’t know how many riddles on the Internet every week force the Internet users to spend their brains. … Read more

हमारे पसंदीदा ‘धनिया’ से है इन्हें नफरत, महक सूंघकर ही भाग खड़े होते हैं! कहते हैं शैतानी बूटी

Why Some People Hate Coriander: We Indians love to eat coriander. In winters, its chutney is made everyday and if it becomes a bit expensive then dry coriander has to be added to the vegetable. It is understandable if someone hates the smell of garlic and onions, but coriander brings a guarantee of taste to … Read more

धरती पर मौजूद है गुलाबी तालाब, वैज्ञानिकों को भी हैरान करता है पानी का रंग; फोटो देख लोग समझ लेते हैं फेक!

Since childhood, whenever you have seen water in a river, ocean, pond, or waterfall, you must have seen it blue. Different shades of blue would have been seen at many places but the basic color would have remained blue. But there are some ponds in the world which are pink instead of blue. One such … Read more

Jodhpur News: ट्विटर पर वायरल हुए भीखाराम का अड्रेस पढ़ें, यकीनन नहीं रोक पाएंगे अपनी हंसी

Report: Mukul Parihar Jodhpur. Being a delivery boy is not a disease in everyone’s control. For the delivery of goods, one has to run from one place to another throughout the day. In such a situation, when an address is found strange, then it becomes difficult for the delivery boy to find it. One such … Read more

खतरनाक रास्ते से गाड़ी ले जाते देख अटक गईं सांसे, झरने के बीच से निकाली बस! देखिए ड्राइवर की दिलेरी का वीडियो

Sometimes we come across some people who do not like easy and straightforward work. They love to risk their lives and play with dangers. But some of such people do stupid things. But even in the midst of some dangers, they know how to handle themselves. Only then take dangerous steps. The video of one … Read more

सूखे पत्तों के बीच खोजना है डॉगी, चैलेंज पार करने में ज्यादातर लोग हुए फेल, क्या आप भी करेंगे तलाश की कोशिश?

Solving the riddles hidden in the pictures is very much liked by the people since childhood. But then we would not have known that these riddles would become optical illusion challenges when we grow up. Which will not only pass the time but will become the reason for our brain exercise. Yes, the pictures of … Read more

‘तितलियां वर्गा’ पर लड़कों ने किया गदर डांस, हरी-गुलाबी चुनरी में यूं झूमे, दीवानी हुई पब्लिक!

Boys Dancing on Titliyan Varga: Nowadays we get to see more than one video on social media. Many times something really appears in such a way, which we would never have imagined, and sometimes it also happens that such a video comes in front of us, seeing which hardly anyone will be able to stop … Read more