Pandya Store 31st January 2023 Written Update Copy

Pandya Store 31st January 2023 Written Update, Dhara and Gautam dancing with the kids. Hearing the loud music, Pandyas came into the hall. The children drag Rishita, Raavi and Dev to dance. They oblige for the kids’ sake. Krish and Prerna arrive there. Prerna smiles on seeing the Pandyas dancing. Suman wakes up due to the loud music. She sees her reflection in the mirror. She thinks that Shesh painted her face. She decides to scare him, becoming a ghost. She paints her face and goes to the hall. Shesh says to Chiku that Suman didn’t become a ghost out of anger like he said.

Just then, Suman arrives there. The Pandyas are surprised to see Suman’s painted face. Shesh and Mithu hide behind their respective moms. Suman scares Shesh. She praises him for the painting he did on her face. Chiku whispers that he painted her face and not Shesh. Dhara closes his mouth. She thinks that Suman will get furious if Suman knows it. Suman calls Shesh to her and hugs him. Chiku removes Dhara’s hand from his mouth and complains that he painted Suman’s face, but she showers love on Shesh.

Dhara notices Krish and becomes happy that he has returned. Krish says that Prerna convinced him to return. Suman mocks Krish for becoming like his brothers, who obey their respective wives. Dhara is about to take Suman to the kitchen on the pretext of tasting the food she has cooked. Rishita and Raavi say that they will eat in their respective rooms. Krish says to Prerna that they will eat in the hotel. Just then, Shiva arrives there and asks why Krish will eat in the hotel. He asks if he won’t eat with his brothers as he has become rich. Shiva holds Dev and Krish’s hands and says that he will eat with his brothers. Raavi tries to stop Shiva. Shiva shouts at her and calls her as he used to call her before he loses his mental balance. Raavi becomes happy and prays to God for Shiva’s fast recovery.

Gautam drinks alcohol out of sorrow. Dhara goes to Gautam. Dhara asks Gautam to come inside to have food. Gautam refuses as his family isn’t eating together. Dhara says that everyone is waiting for him to have food and forcibly takes Gautam inside. Krish also wants to leave. But Suman says that Prerna won’t go anywhere. Suman asks Prerna to come near her. Just then, Dhara brings Gautam there. Gautam creates a scene of his whole family not being there. He refuses to eat food and walks away. Shiva also goes to his room. Krish also refuses to eat and leaves. Dhara feels dejected that she can’t unite her family despite all her attempts.

Precap: Prerna gives the costumes of tigers to the children and asks them to disguise themselves as tigers. The children agree. She says to them that it’s their secret game. Pandyas are shocked to see on the news about a tiger who has entered Somnath. Shiva shouts tiger and all look shocked.

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