Patna News: लड़की की ड्रेस में डांस करते-करते मर्द से औरत बना दो बच्चों का पिता! पवन सिंह और खेसारी लाल से गुहार

Patna. Someone has said that what is there in a name, but in this news everything has been kept in name only. The name of Santosh Shah, a resident of Sitamarhi, was changed to Khushboo Kumari. Now Santosh is trying to prove that he is not a woman but a man. That means his name is Santosh Shah, not Khushboo. At present, Santosh is admitted in PMCH and his treatment is going on. His brother and mother are making rounds of the officers.

Actually, Santosh is a resident of Sitamarhi and works as a dancer in Ara. Santosh used to dance wearing girl’s clothes. Last year on December 14, Arrah had left Bhadaur in district for his work dressed as a girl, when he met with an accident on the way. Unknown people got him admitted to the local hospital in Arrah. Seeing Santosh’s critical condition, the doctor referred him to the PMCH of Patna. Here his life was saved but two problems came to his head. First of all, both his legs had to be amputated and due to the confusion in his name, government schemes have become difficult for him.

In fact, when Santosh was admitted to Arrah Hospital, he was in a woman’s dress and unknown people brought him to the hospital, so the doctor and these people mistakenly wrote his name as Khushboo at the time of treatment. Even in PMCH, he was being treated under the name of fragrance. Now the situation is that Santosh, who has lost both his legs, has been registered in the papers as a woman named Khushboo.

Talking to News18 Local, Santosh Shah said, ‘I am an artist. Dancing in girl’s clothes is my profession. This is how I take care of my wife, children and family. God took away both my legs and this system took away my identity. At present, I am admitted in the emergency ward for 20 days and to get my name corrected, my brother is wandering with the officials with the documents.

Santosh has requested Bhojpuri cinema stars Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav for help. He says, ‘An artist can only help another artist. Government and officials are not helping. Now only our heroes should help us. Here Santosh’s brother says that due to wrong name, he is not getting the benefits of insurance and government schemes.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 20, 2023, 13:02 IST

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