PHOTOS: बेटे ने जताई इच्‍छा और पिता ने मंगवा दिया हेलिकॉप्‍टर, फिर रवाना हुई बारात; पिता-पुत्र की अनोखी कहानी

According to the guidelines issued by the administration, Narendra Ghintala had to make other arrangements as well. In this, along with the construction of a helipad at a deserted place in the village, its barricading, the police along with the fire brigade and ambulance had to be deployed on the spot. As soon as the bridegroom left his house accompanied by drums and reached the helipad, every villager thronged the spot to see the spectacle with their own eyes and capture it on camera. (Photo: Ashek Sharma/News 18 Hindi)

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