Rants ITV YRKKH current track

Disclaimer: This solely my opinion and thoughts , I donot intend to create hate , If you are a person who cannot listen anything against the show , I am sorry this book is not for you

I might get hate for this but I wanted to put this out, to get it out of my head. This Rant is about The Current Track of the show Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai…Man!! First of All how many generations they are planning to show to how many generations IDK, I seriously wonder.

Let’s keep this aside. This is not what made me write this. What made me write this is a different thing. First of all, I request the stans to read this with an open mind and at the end of the day this is my opinion and You have all the rights to disagree, just don’t spread hate… I love the Actors Its with the story and the way that is portrayed I have a problem.

Ok First about the Female lead.

Man, I was glad the first Instance where A lead was having a Panic Attack, Issues such as these are rarely addressed in ITV..and as I saw her get it I saw her, and I thought This one is going to be a Progressive one. But Damn I forgot it’s ITV.

Ok, you might think what qualifications you have to talk about panic attacks. I get one so. I can very well talk about this. I guess.

So usually in such situations, One wants to be left alone in their space that’s what panic attacks are. Here is the thing During Panic Attacks mostly breathing is difficult. Usually, you close your eyes and try to be mindful or try to count. In this serial, The doctor asks the patient to sing…Now here is an important point. Singing does help in improving the breathing pattern gradually but singing during the anxiety attacks behen saas hi to nahi aa Rahi hai gaa kaise leti aap..

Songs do relieve your stress but the person experiencing the attack herself singing…Ok, we will let this also pass …may be for her that works..for some people medication works for her the song works. Ok, let’s let this out yet they made fun of people with panic attacks ..Matlab Kuch bhi dehka rahe hain.

Chalo yeh bhi teek hai Itv hai you have to overdo things..

This serial seriously tests your patience ..matlab kuch hua nahi saare 100 family logon par camera zoom hone lagta hai..Ufff!! typical ITV

See I love watching romantic serials a big fan of Devakshi myself. But here the reason is, I cannot strongly connect with leads is what the problem may be … and maybe I believe that relationships such as one finding a soulmate.. takes time..

Their Love Story starts with the ML listening to her voice and running a mile for her and finally finding her ..man cinematic much!! Yeh kafi cinematic nahi tha toh he drips not only once but twice and falls on his patient who is the ML and asks her to sing…Uff!! Kitne films dekhe hai writers patha nahi..

The ML falls for FL after two meetings like literally he asks her to sing his Mom’s fav song and they have eye lock here and there . and a dance…and a one or two conversation in the starting

Then immediately like after  four Episodes all the family get in, to marry both them…with hella lot of confusions..

Dulha ko patha hi nahi hai Dulhan koun hai..Akshara pata hai dulha Dulhan se nahi usse pyaar karti hai…Uski mom ko lagta hai he loves arohi….Like He thinks he is getting married to Ashara but he getting married to Arohi..

You know there is a scene when all this unfolds out and he is there out saying that he is in love with akshara …His mother asks tumne kaha tha vo doctor hain….isliye toh meine arohi samja tha..

You know what he says…Maa maine mere dil ka doctor bola tha aur uske baad arohi ko isliye introduce kiya kyunki usse bura na lage….matlab iss sab ke baad agar aap ko laga main arohi se pyaar kartha hoon toh galti kisi ki hui…batho…maa ki hi na.. Matlab the writer wanted to have confusion par itna illogical..shhhhhhbaaaa…such poor writing…* banging my head severely*

In all this confusion na The ML professes his love infront of all chalo mante hai genuinely confusion sab ko hua par the dialogue goes like tum bas apne dil ke baath batao …duniya kya sochthi hai..gharwale kya sochte hai mat socho… ehhhh??? Sir aap dono mile huye kitne din hogaye hai…chod vo ek trip..ek hafta …chal ek mahina…aur yeh banda sacha pyaar ke bathein karne lag gaya hai.. Ummm This point is where I could never connect with the story matlab na tum uss ladki ke baare mein jannte ho..Dekho I do believe in Love at first sight but fir bhi things itna fast mein chali gayi iss show mein main kya batoun.. Like there was no way to connect..Only eye locks and songs make no love story for me …Sorry ..We never knew what made Abhimanyu hate love at the first place, and what made him so weak at his knees to fall for akshara..matlab koi thread hi nahi hai..bas dialogues hai ki that I love her ..Maine tume hi mangata as a Dua…vo sab teek hai kaha hai scenes ???Like there is no thread only..

You know when the Fl doesnot respond to his confession on the mandap where he was going to get engaged to her sister because of the said confusion.. He asks her ..

Vo oil wali baath??Vo phone call vali baat vo gharelu doctor wali baath??Yeh saare choti choti baatein toh sirf humari hain a??? Like dude these all the only interactions you had aur pyaar hogaya…yaar Connect nahi kar pa rahi main Sorry..matlab…Like this guy knows she sings well and believes in gharelu nuske..Thats all That’s pretty much it…Teek hai…Sacha wala pyaar hogaya but …Seriously this seems like a infactuation…Like this seems like a talk where a teenager would say Hey she likes the same Hero as I Like I think I love her…Yeh sab sachha pyaar kabse ho gaya bhai!! Kuch bhi…And for God sake He is a freaking Doctor and speaking like some teenager aajkal vo bhi matured hai bhai..The idea of love portrayed and written itself …Uhhh..I am not able to buy it …Idk Maybe I have a different idea of love …

And the FL is so spineless wo bandha sab ke samne accept kartha hai he does not love her sister but her…yeh ladki stand hi nahi lethi..yaar we are in 21st century ab toh ladkiyon ko bechare nahi dekhate..varna difference kya reh jata hai old era aur new main…I understand she was quiet may be considering her sister and family ab jab baath itni bigad gayi aur samne aa gayi hai mann lo na…Lekin nahi…NGL I felt bad for the ML here…

She could not always stand for herself is what I would say..Wo parivaar ke liye khud ko sacrifice bhi kar Sakthi hai…Ek toh aise FL se alag hi chid hai Mujhe typical mahaan FL ..jo sab bardassh karti hai..and they get treated like doormats…

Ok, the way they started was written I could not connect,…I thought I would be able to connect the second half where their story progresses amid all the confusion…I seriously lost it when I saw them dance as Shiva and Parvati…Matlab words nahi hai mujhme…main itna cringe feel kar rahi thi..How is it ok to depict human beings as GODS leave it alone siva any god for that matter..only one meme came to my mind… Bhaisahab kuch zyada nahi ho gaya I felt second hand cringe NGL.

Man!!! And the Shaadi…Ugh!!! What to say..Dates decide hoke 50 episodes tak  Shaadi hi Hota hai Inka..beech mein inke maa ka accident hoke wo bhi teek hokar aagayi …aur yeh log abhi bhi shaadi hi kar rahe the…Matalab writer ne itna keecha hai sabko…bhaisahab..upar se kuch hogaya tho camera zoom karne ka purane technique yeh log bule nahin hain..haa..yeh serial bhi purani hai..I guess why that’s why they still do…

Yaar yeh lovey dovey baathein Mujhe neend kaise aayega tere bina…and the way he says it ... Tu doctor hai neend ka goli le aur soja.. seriously made me cringe..I know for many its lovey dovey …But May be I like more mature relationships…

The next is uski behen…Iski Character graph itna messed up haina..I think writers abhi tak nahi samaj pa rahe ki yeh ladki ko kaise dikhana hai..kabhi yeh depressed rehti hai…kabhi planning plotting karti hai..iska mujhe kuch nahi aya..

Now , After talking about his love for so many episodes and depicting them as Lords and what not now the ML is hurting her physically like in recent episodes he was ask to put bangle he made her wear that made her hand bleed ….Irony patha hai kya yeh apni baap se ladtha rehta hai that he keeps treating his mom shitty..yaar …ab yeh mat bolna ki uske baap ka extra marital affair hai..so yeh uske saath aise behave karta hai…Please understand Being Angry is one thing and hurting her physically another..real life mein isse toxic kehte hain…And this guy also controls or rather tries to control where she works….This is not Love These are clear traits of one getting toxic patha nahi kab samjhenge log… patha hai saari episode ke baad ek steamy episode aayega then every one will forget all these toxic traits… like this has become a trait of ITV now ….TREATING fL LIKE PRINCESS ONE MOMENT THEN HURTING HER IS TOXIC AND IS JUST NOT MY KIND OF LOVE OR IDEA OF LOVE 

Yaar..I can rant more about it  but choddo ab..Again Stans all this is my views you are always free to disagree yeha hate mat phelana …I like Mature relationships not these type of ones so felt I want to rant so ranted about..You like it ..its your choice Bash karne ki zarurat nahi hai..Just get away with it and Go on and read your next book…

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