Rewa News : प्रसिद्ध शिव मंदिर में जीन्स-स्कर्ट, टीशर्ट बैन! इस ड्रेस कोड में ही कर सकेंगे महादेव के दर्शन

Report: Ashutosh Tiwari

Reva. If you are in Rewa on Shivratri and are going to the famous Devtalab Shiva temple because of faith, then keep in mind that the dress code will be applicable here. That means you will not be able to enter wearing jeans, t-shirt, coat or trouser etc. In fact, the Shiva temple of Devtalab will now be decorated attractively on the lines of Mahakal located in Ujjain. Devotees will be able to see Lord Bholenath only in the dress code Dhoti Pardani. Assembly Speaker Girish Gautam has given such instructions and said that the SDOP should make arrangements to follow the instructions.

The meeting of Rewa Devtalab Temple Management Committee was held in the community building under the chairmanship of Gautam. On this occasion, Gautam said that all the necessary construction works of the temple should be completed before Mahashivaratri. Thousands of devotees visit the ancient temple on the occasion of Mahashivratri festival, so Gautam gave instructions for its special decoration with flowers and attractive lights on Shivratri. Dress code was also fixed for entering the temple on Shivratri.

This will be the dress code for the temple

The famous Devtalab temple is in discussion these days because dresses like jeans-skirts and T-shirts have been banned in the temple. Entry to the temple will be given only after wearing traditional clothes. According to the dress code that Gautam has given, men will be able to enter the temple wearing traditional dress i.e. pardani-kurta and women wearing saree.

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