Russian movie first to be shot in space

'The Challenge' Trailer: Russian movie first to be shot in space

Years have passed since man first successfully set foot on the moon and adorned space with countless artificial satellites and space stations. Still, the idea of existing in this ocean of emptiness seems unimaginable to many. Thus, shocking the people still adjusting to the concept of this interstellar being, Russia managed to film a whole movie in space.

Trailer Review:

The promotion clip of the space film “The Challenge” was released by Russian filmmakers on Tuesday, as reported by CNN. The trailer perfectly portrays the movie’s plot, which revolves around a surgeon named Zhenya, played by Russian actress Yulia Peresild, who must perform heart surgery on an ailing cosmonaut while he is in orbit since he cannot return to Earth for treatment. Oleg Novitskiy, the real-life cosmonaut, plays the patient.

The perfectly shot scenes can draw space enthusiasts and people with almost no knowledge of the outer atmosphere with its easy and unique storytelling.

The hiring process

Together with seasoned Russian astronaut Anton Shkaplerov, Peresild, and producer-director Klim Shipenko flew to the International Space Station (ISS) in October 2021 to film the movie for 12 days. After posting an open casting call in November 2020, Peresild was chosen to star in the film. Prospective stars had to submit an audition film along with a medical, psychological, and physical evaluation to ensure they could handle the challenges of space flight.

While being the first full-length movie to be shot in space, “The Challenge” is not the first production to be discharged within the International Space Station. Tom Cruise provided the narration for an IMAX documentary from 2002, and Richard Garriott, the business tycoon, created an eight-minute science fiction video in 2012 from the same space station.

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