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Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison Confirm They Are Dating After ‘Yellowstone’

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison Confirm They Are Dating After 'Yellowstone'

If you are a fan of the hit show ‘Yellowstone’, you might be wondering about the real-life relationships of the cast members. Well, we have some good news for you: two of the stars have confirmed that they are dating in real life!

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison, who play Walker and Laramie on the show, took to Instagram on Monday to share their love with their followers. The couple posted a series of adorable photos of them cuddling, kissing and riding horses together.

“Love you, cowboy,” Harrison captioned her post, adding a heart emoji. Bingham echoed her sentiment, writing “Love you too, cowgirl” on his post. The actors also tagged each other and the official ‘Yellowstone’ account.

The fans were quick to congratulate the couple and express their excitement for their on-screen and off-screen chemistry. “You two are so cute together! I love your characters on the show and I’m so happy for you in real life!” one commenter wrote. “This is the best news ever! You guys are perfect for each other! Can’t wait to see more of you on ‘Yellowstone’!” another added.

Bingham and Harrison joined the cast of ‘Yellowstone’ in season 3, playing two ranch hands who work for John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his family. Their characters have a flirtatious relationship on the show, but it seems that their romance blossomed off-screen as well.

‘Yellowstone’ is a drama series that follows the Dutton family, who own the largest ranch in the United States and face various threats from land developers, Native American reservations and rival ranchers. The show has been a huge success, becoming the most-watched cable series of 2020. The fourth season is set to premiere in June 2021.

We are so happy for Bingham and Harrison and we wish them all the best in their relationship. We also can’t wait to see more of them on ‘Yellowstone’!

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