Sanyasi Bani Ladki: ऐशो आराम छोड़ 8 साल की लड़की बनी सन्यासी, पिता हैं हीरा कारोबारी, जानें वजह

Sanyasi Bani Ladki: Many times you must have heard or seen around you that someone’s son has run away and become a monk. Many a times, people voluntarily adopt the life of a monk. But we are going to introduce you to such a case, in which an 8-year-old girl voluntarily takes up the life of an ascetic. Leaving all the luxuries and comforts of life, she adopts the life of a monk.

The eight-year-old daughter of a rich diamond merchant from Gujarat took sanyasa earlier this week. Devanshi Sanghvi, who has inherited a multi-million dollar fortune as the heiress of Surat-based Sanghvi & Sons. Despite this, she chose to give up all worldly pleasures to become a child nun of the Jain religious order.

On Tuesday, she was welcomed in a grand ceremony, during which she was mounted on an elephant. According to people in the know, his parents Dhamesh and Ami Sanghvi, as well as his five-year-old sister Kavya, lead a “normal” life. According to TOI, a family friend said, “Devanshi never watched TV, or movies and never attended restaurants or marriages. He has participated in 367 initiation programs so far.

The child nun was reportedly “determined” to become a monk since the age of two, when she fasted at Palitana, a popular Jain temple in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar district. Devanshi, the youngest to be selected for the initiation ceremony, has traveled over 600 km on foot with other monks and first subjected herself to a series of grueling rituals. Initiation usually involves a “kesa-loka” – or hair pulling out ceremony. It is a symbol of indifference towards the body.

Earlier another eight-year-old girl had taken a vow of renunciation after being able to become a monk by her gurus in Ahmedabad, with whom she had spent two years learning the ways of Jainism.

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