Siwan News: 3 हजार आबादी वाले सीवान के इस गांव में नहीं एक भी इंसान, जानिए कैसे हुआ वीरान

Report: Ankit Kumar Singh

seamstress: We are going to talk about such a wonderful village of Bihar, whose story is like the film Mr. India. You must have been a little surprised to hear that how can a village be a wonder and Mr. India.

There is Bagocha Khurd village located in Siwan’s Daronda block, but there is not a single human being in this village. Where there used to be human settlements years ago. Presently there is a field, forest, bush has grown there. Hearing the name of the village, people wander away. But they get the village but they do not get to meet the human being.

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3 thousand people used to reside

According to the local people, the population of Bagocha Khurd village was 3 thousand a hundred years ago. This used to be a very prosperous area. There used to be big buildings here. Along with Seth-Sahukar, people of both the communities also used to reside here. The land here was very fertile. The maximum amount of farming was done here. At that time there was a kutcha road leading to the village of Vagouchha Khurd, the road is still present today and has been prepared with bricks under the government scheme.

Archaeological evidence found during excavation

Gautam Pandey, 68, says that people used to reside here 100 years ago. However, for what reason the people migrated from here and where they went, the information has not been received. He further told that Bagochha is a Khurd village, all government work is also done. There is also a map, it is also mentioned in the official documents. But there is no human being in that village. Many archaeological evidences are also found during plowing and digging. From which it is clear that people used to live here. His ancestors also give information about this.

two villages with the same name

Gautam Pandey says that there are two villages named Bagaucha and Bagaucha Khurd. Both the villages are still in existence today. Bagocha still has a population of thousands. Although the people of Bagaucha Khurd migrated from here. Due to misunderstanding, most of the people reach Bagocha Khurd instead of going to Bagocha and get scared due to confusion. Because Bagocha Khurd is still deserted.

Bagocha Khurd village will be resettled in the coming times

Vinay Pandey says that the village of Bagaucha Khurd is deserted, where settlements of people playing with their hands were settled. There are fields and barns and big bushes have grown. However, it is expected that Bagouchha Khurd village will soon be resettled and once again the movement of humans will increase here. He told that not even a single house has been built yet, but the construction of houses will start in a few days.

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