Speculation Surrounds Hrithik Roshan’s Possible Marriage to Saba Azad

Speculation Surrounds Hrithik Roshan's Possible Marriage to Saba Azad

Rumors have been circulating that Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan maybe tie the knot with Saba Azad. The buzz started when the two were spotted together at a Mumbai restaurant, and it has since spiraled into a frenzy, with fans eagerly awaiting confirmation from either party. So, what is the truth behind these reports, and what are the future plans for the alleged couple?

Rumors suggest the couple will tie the knot in November 2023.

Says Rakesh, “I’ve not heard anything about this so far.”

Further information came from another source close to Hrithik, reports Rediff.com.

Says the source, “Why doesn’t the media give them (Hrithik and Saba) space to let their relationship grow? Dosti hui nahin ki shaadi ki baat shuroo? (They have just become friends, so why speak of marriage?) They are getting to know each other. Let them be.”

“Hrithik is not an adolescent in love. There are responsibilities. There are children involved. It is very irresponsible to push them into a corner.”

Hrithik Roshan Sparks Rumors of Marriage to Saba

Hrithik Roshan has always been a private person regarding his personal life. However, recent reports have suggested that he may be taking the next step with Saba Azad The actor was seen enjoying a meal with Saba at a Mumbai restaurant, and the pictures of them together have since gone viral. Fans have been speculating that the two may be getting married soon, with some suggesting that an engagement may have already occurred.

Insights into the Alleged Relationship and Future Plans

While Hrithik and Saba have not confirmed any reports of a relationship or potential marriage, sources close to the actor have revealed that the two have been spending a lot of time together. It is believed that the couple met through mutual friends and have been dating for a few months now. Despite the rumors, neither Hrithik nor Saba have given any indication of their future plans.

It is worth noting that Hrithik has been previously married to Sussanne Khan, with whom he shares two children. The couple divorced in 2014, and since then, Hrithik has been linked to several women. However, none of these relationships have culminated in marriage. Only time will tell if Hrithik and Saba are indeed getting married, but for now, fans will have to wait for an official announcement.

The rumors surrounding Hrithik Roshan’s possible marriage to Saba Azad have created a buzz in the media. While the actor has always kept his personal life private, the alleged relationship has sparked interest among his fans. Whether or not the two are getting married remains to be seen, but for now, it seems that Hrithik and Saba are enjoying each other’s company. As always, we must wait for an official confirmation before jumping to conclusions.

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