Squirrel and Jackalope eliminated in the latest episode of the show

‘The Masked Singer’

The American hit TV reality show ‘The Masked Singer’ shocked audiences with a double elimination on Wednesday, March 15.

On the latest episode of the ‘Sesame Street’ night, first, the squirrel was revealed, followed by Jackalope.

Squirrel’s elimination

Astonishing even judge Ken Jeong, the adorable squirrel was revealed to be actress Malin Akerman as per the FOX7Austin reports,

The ‘27 dresses’ actress showed good sportsmanship and portrayed her gratitude for being able to participate in the show. She shared that it was her dream to be a rockstar, and living that dream was indeed a huge honor.

Her son, too, was seated in the audience, as Akerman enthusiastically pointed out.

But Akerman’s mask did not elude panelist Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg who could accurately predict the actress’s identity behind the mask.

‘The Masked Singer’

Jackalope’s reveal

Judges were shocked to see the Venezuelan-American youtuber Lele Pons behind Jackalope’s mask.

Pons was the second contestant to reveal her face and leave the show, but she was gracious in her defeat.

She expressed her immense joy in being able to participate in the show as she likes to gain new experiences every day and despises repetition.

Panelist Nicole Scherzinger accurately predicted the actress’ identity behind the mask.

Scherzinger praised the Youtuber’s voice saying she knew Pons sang and danced, but the quality of her voice was indeed a delight to be had on the show.

The upcoming episode

Three well-known people will sing their favorite country tunes on March 22, and two will be revealed. With California Roll, just one performer will progress to the quarterfinals.


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