`The Bachelor’ contestant Greer Blitzer apologizes for her Blackface comment

`The Bachelor' contestant Greer Blitzer apologizes for her Blackface comment

‘The Bachelor’ has always been the center of drama and controversy, but although the Greer Blitzer scandal was nothing new, she felt severe backlash. Sources of Variety say Blitzer finally apologized on Tuesday’s episode on March 14.

Who is Greer Blitzer?

Greer was an account executive at InMode in New York City before appearing on “The Bachelor.” She worked in the medical device industry, selling aesthetic biotech to doctors in the northeast. Greer spent the months of June 2020 through December 2020 working as a sales professional for the men’s apparel brand Tom James Company before starting her career in medical device sales.

Greer received Zach’s first impression rose earlier this season on the first night of filming. But she never had another one-on-one date after that, and she was concerned about her relationship with Zach after missing out on time with him because of the COVID scandal.

The controversy

The incident regarding Blitzer arose last year once “The Bachelor” Season 27 cast was confirmed. 

In an old tweet in 2016, Blitzer defended a high school student wearing blackface, which read, “The students involved didn’t even know what blackface was, so my point exactly.” She believed it wasn’t a deliberate racist action. 

Blitzer claimed that the student did not paint herself because she felt superior to the black people, but it was just a dumb act.

The segment aired on Tuesday night had Blitzer saying, “This acquaintance of mine that I knew was performing blackface was racist, my defending it was racist, my ignorance was racist, and I’m just so ashamed.”

She added that she regretted her actions but could not do anything to change her past; thus, she is making an effort to improve her future actions.

 What changed?

According to Blitzer, she has read lectures, educated herself, and worked with Dr. Kira Banks, a professor and diversity, equity, and inclusion expert. Dr. Banks addressed the more significant problem at “Women Tell All” while sitting in the audience, emphasizing the difference between performative words and real action.

During the broadcast of the interview with Blitzer, many social media users applauded Blitzer and “The Bachelor” for their direct apologies and for brushing off the discussion. Others criticized the participant for requiring a conversation with a DEI consultant to realizing that supporting blackface is racist.


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