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The End of an Era for King Cobra and Alabasta

'One Piece' Chapter 1083 Spoilers:

“One Piece” fans eagerly await the release of chapter 1083, which is expected to reveal the fate of one of the most beloved characters in the series: King Nefertari Cobra of Alabasta.

According to some leaked spoilers, Cobra may have been assassinated by a mysterious enemy, leaving his daughter Vivi in shock and despair.

The spoilers claim that the chapter will begin with a flashback of Cobra’s last moments, where he was visited by a hooded figure who claimed to be a friend of his old ally, Monkey D. Dragon. The figure then stabbed Cobra in the chest, saying that he had to die for the sake of the world. Cobra’s last words were a plea for his daughter’s safety.

The scene then shifts to the present, where Vivi attends her father’s funeral in Alabasta. She is surrounded by her loyal subjects and friends, such as Pell, Chaka, Igaram, and Karoo. She also receives a letter from Luffy and his crew, who express their condolences and promise to meet her again someday. Vivi tries to hold back her tears, but she breaks down when she sees a portrait of her father smiling at her.

The chapter ends with a shocking twist, as the hooded figure who killed Cobra is revealed to be Sabo, the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army and Luffy’s sworn brother.

Sabo is shown holding a newspaper that reports his death at the hands of the World Government, implying that he faked his demise and went undercover for some unknown purpose. He also has a sinister grin, suggesting that he has changed his personality or been brainwashed.

What does Sabo’s betrayal mean for the future of One Piece? How will Luffy react when he learns that his brother killed one of his friends? And what is Sabo’s true goal? Find out in the next chapter of “One Piece!”

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