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Twin Ghostface Scene Is Better Now That Quinn & Ethan Are Related

The classic twin Ghostface scene from Scream 6 only gets better when Quinn Bailey & Ethan Landry are identified as murderers. Over 20 years after the original movie’s debut, fans are still flocking to theatres to watch Ghostface go on a savage killing spree, as per the Scream 6’s box office statistics. Scream 6 retained the “requel” storyline for the franchise and included several elements from Scream 2, such as the main characters going to college. Sadly, Scream VI has been the first installment in the series without Neve Campbell since Paramount refused to give her the compensation she felt she was due for her almost 20-year role in the series.

Scream 6 Managed To Succeed Even Without Her

Even though Sidney had a significant role in the Scream series, Scream 6 managed to succeed even without her. Without Sidney, Scream 6 had to rely on the survival of Gale Weathers and Kirby Reed’s comeback to fill in the gaps created by Sidney’s absence. Scream 6 became just as well-known as the others thanks to Kirby, who had not been in Scream movies since Scream 4. Kirby delivered the same strength as Sidney. The sequence between two Ghostfaces in Scream 6 is the most well-known scene, and it becomes even better when it is discovered that the killers are siblings.

One Of The Most Famous Ghostface Sequences

The main characters of Scream 6 hideaway at the shrine of Ghostface in anticipation of apprehending the murderer, but just as Tara and Chad are enjoying a tender moment, Ghostface reappears and stabs Chad. Later, another Ghostface joins the killer and assists with a murder attempt. One of the most famous Ghostface sequences in any of the movies is when they finish and synchronistically wipe their blades with their hands. Even if Sam and Tara don’t know who is behind the masks at the time, the scene improves after they do.

Even though Quinn and Ethan are fairly similar in age, there has been no confirmation as to whether or not they are twins. Due to their shared college affiliation and close friendships, Quinn & Ethan are most likely only one or two years apart if not twins. Even if they are simply brothers, the Scream 6 scene is still terrifying due to Quinn and Ethan’s relationship. If they were twins, it would be better because it would have the same effect as the twins in The Shining reports Screenrant.

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