UP News: जिस पत्नी की हत्या के आरोप में काटी जेल, वो 12 साल बाद प्रेमी के घर जिंदा मिली

Report- Pappu Pandey, Amethi

A surprising case has come to light in Amethi. A man had to serve a jail sentence without any crime. The wife whose husband had to stay in jail for the murder, suddenly met her after 12 years. The husband found his wife from Rae Bareli district. So now his family members are asking for a settlement in the matter.

The whole matter pertains to Ali Nagar area of ​​Jais police station of Amethi district. Where Manoj Kumar Verma lived with his wife Seema Verma. On March 25, 2011, the young man’s wife Seema Verma suddenly disappeared. Even after a lot of research, the wife could not be found. Manoj’s in-laws filed a case against Seema Verma’s husband Manoj Verma in the police station, accusing him of killing his own wife and hiding the body. After which Manoj had to serve jail sentence for 11 days.

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This is how it was revealed

After being released from jail on bail, Manoj Kastar was searching for his wife. Along with this, he was also doing rounds of the court regarding the case. At the same time, after 11 years, on January 10, 2023, Manoj was informed that his wife was alive.

When Manoj inquired about it, he came to know that his wife used to live in her parental home with her three children. After which Manoj informed in Bhadokhar police station of Rae Bareli district. After the information, the police reached the spot along with giving the statement of his wife, took other legal action.

Listen to the pain of the victim in his own words

The victim’s husband Manoj told that his wife Seema, who is a resident of Rae Bareilly, eloped with a man 12 years ago and got married. Despite knowing this, his family members have filed a false case against us. Because of which we had to serve the jail sentence. Due to the litigation going on for 12 years, our livelihood has been snatched away. We want the wife’s statement to be made in the court so that we can be proved innocent.

questions on the functioning of the police

After the wife was found alive, a question mark has started to arise on the working style of the police. The allegations leveled by the wife’s family members have also proved to be baseless. Due to the negligence of the police and the wrong allegation, the victim has to go to the court for 12 years for justice, apart from serving 11 days in jail.

Tiloi Circle CO Ajay Kumar Singh told that the application has been given in Rae Bareli. The police is engaged in further investigation.

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