Viral News: 1971 में इतना सस्ता था मसाला डोसा और कॉफी! पुराना बिल देख उड़ जाएंगे होश


In 1971, masala dosa was available for just Re 1.
Viral Bill is dated 28 June 1971.
The entire bill for coffee and masala dosa was only 2 rupees 16 paise.

New Delhi. These days the price of the goods of the old days is becoming very viral on the social media, the prices of various things were many times less than today, seeing which people are getting very much surprised. In recent times, people had posted gold price bills and bullet price slips of 30-40 years ago, another such bill is becoming increasingly viral on social media. An old bill for Masala Dosa and a coffee is going viral on social media. This bill has been shared with a Twitter account named @indianhistory00, which has been created from Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi. This receipt is dated 28 June 1971.

The price of masala dosa and coffee is written in this bill. Looking at this slip, you can’t guess that Masala Dosa used to be so cheap once! Because the price of Masala Dosa is only one rupee written in the bill. Service tax of 6 paise and service charge of 10 paise have been taken in the bill. The total bill for two people’s food is only 2 rupees 16 paise.

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