Viral Video: एक पैर के सहारे ठेला खींचता दिखा शख्स, हौसला नहीं कमजोर कर पाई बैसाखी! हिम्मत को करेंगे सलाम

Often you must have heard that a person becomes weak when he starts feeling weak from the mind. If a person has courage and strong spirit, then he can never become weak. There are many people who have everything but their courage starts wavering and they give up in life. Such people get frustrated with life too quickly. If you are also among such people, then you must watch the viral video of a person (Handicap man pulling trolley video) who despite being handicapped is fulfilling his responsibilities very well.

If a person is the only earning person in the house, then his responsibilities increase a lot. In such a situation, no matter how many troubles are on the person (1 legged poor man pulling trolley viral video), he fulfills his responsibilities by overcoming them. One such person was recently seen in a viral video. Recently a video has been shared on Twitter account @AamirKhanfa which is painful but more than that, it is going to boost your spirits.

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