Viral Video: गांव में दिखा 8 फीट लंबा अजगर तो लोगों ने रस्सी से बांधकर बना लिया खिलौना!

Bharatpur. Strange videos of catching pythons keep appearing on social media. One such video has come from Nagla Dhoraiya village of Rudaval police station area. The villagers surrounded an 8 feet long python and tied it with a rope in such a way that the video started being discussed everywhere. On getting the information, the forest department team rescued the python from the villagers and released it in the forest.

The villagers told that the people of some villages were walking on the road when they saw a python about 8 feet long on the road. At first there was a stir among the people. Hearing the commotion, people thronged to see it. Later, the crowd that came to see the python surrounded it from all sides and tied it with a rope and was seen playing like a toy. The forest department said that the python got very scared due to this act of the villagers. At the same time, people said that we tied the python with a rope so that it does not run away and does not become a threat to our cattle.

Regional Forest Officer Lakhan Singh (Regional Forest Officer Lakhan Singh) told that we had received information on the phone that a python had come out near Nagla Dhoraiya. We immediately sent the rescue team and the team got the python rescued at a safe place. Singh said that the luck of the villagers in this game was that the python remained safe.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 25, 2023, 16:41 IST

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