Viral Video: चलती मेट्रो से उतरने की सनक सवार, जबरन दरवाजा खोलने लगा शख्स, दिल दहलाने वाला हुआ अंजाम!

If you are traveling in any metro like Delhi, Lucknow or Mumbai metro in India, then you must have heard a warning. That is, stand away from the door and do not put your hands on it. Apart from this, do not even try to open the door in a moving metro. Now this is an obvious thing and everyone knows about it but some people like to face the danger forcefully. The same was done by a person who was traveling in a metro (Man jump from metro video) train and forcefully started opening the door.

Weird videos are often posted on the Twitter account @HowThingsWork_. Recently a video has been posted on this account in which a person is seen doing stupid things. By doing any kind of stupidity while traveling in the metro (Man open metro door to jump), a person not only puts his life in danger, but also puts the lives of others in danger. The person has done such stupidity by opening the door.

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