Viral Video: चित्र बनाकर बेटी ने गंदी की दीवार, छुपाने का पिता ने खोजा गजब आइडिया! लोग करने लगे तारीफ

For every child, his father is no less than a superhero. Fathers not only motivate the children, but also support them when they make mistakes. One such father’s video is going viral on social media these days. If a girl makes her wall dirty, the father does not scold her, but shields her shortcoming with beauty (Dad draw beautiful drawing on wall video) and also teaches a good lesson.

Weird videos are often posted on the Twitter account @TheFigen_. Recently a video has been shared on this account in which a father is seen making a very beautiful picture on the wall (Daughter sketch on wall dad improve it video). Often the parents get so upset with the actions of the children (father daughter drawing video) that instead of correcting them, they start beating them. But this is the most wrong act, because if the children are doing something creative, then there will definitely be a scope of mistake in it. In such a situation, if they are scolded, then their morale falls.

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