Viral Video: जूते पॉलिश करने वाले युवक को दिया सरप्राइज, चुपके से पैकेट रखकर भागा शख्स, देखते ही आ गई मुस्कान!

The lines of a poem by Maithilisharan Gupta reflect humanity very well. He writes – “He is a man who died for man!” Man is the most special thing created by nature and his specialty remains intact only when he helps other person as well and shows his humanity. Many people are only concerned about themselves, they do not worry about others, but even today there are many people in this world, on whose support this world is running. The video of one such person is going viral (Man surprise cobbler with food video).

Positive videos are posted on the Twitter account @HealDepressions. Recently a video has been shared on this account in which a person is seen helping a needy person (Man feeding cobbler viral video). Often we see people doing their jobs on the roadside, but do not think that how they are facing the brunt of life and are working hard to fulfill their needs. In this video also, such a person is seen who earns money by polishing the shoes of others by sitting on the road side.

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