Viral Video: दो महिला कांस्टेबल ने बुजुर्ग टीचर पर क्यों बरसाईं लाठियां? जानिए पीड़ित की जुबानी

Kaimur: The video of beating of an elderly teacher by two women constables under Sonhan police station located in Kaimur district of Bihar has gone viral on social media. After this, the Begusarai district administration was severely criticized. In support of the elderly teacher, people even started a campaign on social media. There was a demand for action against both the women constables, after which the district administration swung into action and both the women constables were immediately suspended for 3 months. The aggrieved elderly teacher shared his pain with News18 Local.

Female constable kept showering sticks

In this regard, the aggrieved elderly teacher Naval Kishore Pandey told that he was not at fault. Was beaten up unnecessarily by two women constables. Very hurt by this. No one came to intervene. I kept asking again and again what is my fault? But both the women constables did not listen to me and kept on pelting them with sticks. This is sheer excess of policemen.

Elderly teacher did not make any complaint

Naval Kishore Pandey also told that he has not made any complaint about it anywhere. Some people present on the spot made a video of it and put it on social media. I also came to know about it after it went viral. Action was taken against both the women constables only after the video went viral.

teacher saved himself during beating

The incident is of Jai Prakash Chowk of the district headquarters. Where elderly teacher Naval Kishore Pandey was returning to his village Barhuli. During this he had reached Jai Prakash Chowk. Then because of the crowd, a woman constable fired a baton on her. Due to which some word came out of his mouth unintentionally, which was not an abuse. The other woman constable present there felt some abuse. After which both the women constables lashed out at the elderly teacher. During this, the old teacher made every possible effort to save himself. But one of the two women constables did not listen.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 23, 2023, 11:33 IST

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