Viral Video: नहीं थम रहे फ्लाइट में तमाशे, कभी बद्तमीज़ी कभी हाथापाई, अब एयरहोस्टेस से हुई छेड़खानी!

The increasing tension, misbehavior and embarrassing acts in the flight are not taking the name of stopping, inside the flight one after the other, some such incident related to the flight is coming to the fore, which no one will like. In recent times, we have seen people inside flights manhandling and misbehaving with the cabin crew, the video of which also went viral on social media. Meanwhile, another video is going viral in which a passenger was molested by the cabin crew.

In the video shared on Twitter, the tussle inside the flight went viral. News Agency @ANI shared the video. In which it was told that in SpiceJet’s Delhi-Hyderabad flight, a passenger was accused of misbehaving with the airhostess. After which the accused passengers had to be taken off the flight.

Misbehavior with now bar crew member
In the viral video, an elderly man can be seen and heard talking loudly with the SpiceJet airhostess. The air hostess was repeatedly complaining to the elderly passenger about the misbehavior with her cabin crew mate. To which the passenger standing in front was replying angrily and angrily. According to the video, the airhostess was telling the passenger that her cabin crew member was crying because of her wrongdoing. On which the companions of the accused passenger also came and after defending the airhostess started calling the words of the airhostess baseless.

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