Viral Video: बच्चे ने क्लास में सुनाया मजेदार गाना, मंत्री को भी पसंद आया अंदाज! कहा- ‘इतना कॉन्फिडेंस चाहिए’

There is probably no need to tell you how innocent children are because you must have seen and felt this thing yourself. Many times this innocence of children is seen in the work done by them. One such video is going viral of a child who is singing a song in his class which is so funny that even the minister of Nagaland (Nagaland minister funny video) could not stop laughing after seeing it.

Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along is famous in India for his funny style. Recently, when he spoke about his eyes and looks, since then he has come to be recognized as a kind-hearted leader all over India. Recently, the minister has shared a video of a child (Kid singing funny song in classroom) on his Twitter, which is probably from a school in Nagaland. In this video the child is singing a song.

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