Viral Video: शिकार का पीछा कर रही थी मछली, पक्षी ने बीच में आकर बिगाड़ा खेल! फिल्मी सीन से कम नहीं है नजारा

Often, seeing a great film scene, you must be surprised that how that scene would have been shot and then you would be more surprised when you get to see the same scene in nature. Yes, many times such occasions also come when nature shows you film scenes which are quite unique in themselves. A similar scene was seen in a viral video (Shark hunting fish eaten by heron video) when a big fish came out to hunt a small one. If you see this scene, you will definitely say that it is no less than the chase scene of the film!

Recently a video has been shared on Twitter account Viral Hog which has been retweeted by an account named @cctv_idiots. The video is becoming increasingly viral (Bird eat fish from water video) as a film style chase scene (Filmy chase scene of animals video) is being seen in it. You must have seen big animals hunting small ones in forests or rivers and seas, but have you ever seen that another creature puts its feet in the middle of the hunt and the mouse itself competes in the game of cat and mouse?

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