Viral Video: सड़क पर खिलौने वाली बाइक से निकला बच्चा, पीछे लग गई पुलिस! कारण जानकर चेहरे पर आ जाएगी मुस्कान

Social media is a storehouse of amazing videos. You will get to see many such videos here which will make you laugh, cry, make you angry and surprise you. One such video is in discussion these days, seeing which you will feel happy as well as sad. In this video, the police is seen chasing a small child (Boy lead police patrol team viral video). But there is nothing to worry, as it appears, in reality it is not at all like that.

The Instagram account Good News Movement is famous for its positive videos. Recently a video has been posted on this account in which a child is seen riding his toy bike (Police riding bike behind kid video) on the road but real policemen are seen walking behind him. Seeing the video, you will feel as if those policemen are chasing him. But it is not like that, those policemen have reached there to give some moments of happiness to the child.

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