Viral Video: सुअर की गर्दन दबोचे दिखा ड्रैगन! बचने के लिए जूझता रहा शिकार! रोंगटे खड़े करने वाला है दृश्य

There is only one law of the jungle, the one who is the most powerful and clever, he wins and becomes the supremacy. There should be some creatures who are so ferocious that if they attack humans too, they will scratch them, now think what will happen when these creatures attack other creatures who are weaker than them. The video of one such creature (Komodo dragon hunt pig video) is going viral which is seen hunting a pig.

Under the News18 Hindi series ‘Wildlife Viral’, we bring to you such horrifying videos related to jungle and wild animals (wild animals video) which can make anyone’s soul tremble. Today we are talking about a dreaded lizard under this series. Dinosaurs may have gone from the earth, but they are still present here in the form of different species of lizards. Among all these species, there is also a lizard which is very huge (large lizard viral video) and it is called a dragon. We are talking about Komodo Dragon.

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