Viral Videos : जिस AI तकनीक पर दुनिया को बड़ा भरोसा , आनंद मह‍िंद्रा ने उसी को लेकर चेताया, जानें क्‍यों

You must know about Artificial Intelligence, which is also called artificial intelligence. Although this is a progress in the eyes of science and big dreams are being made about it. Artificial Intelligence makes our life easier through smart phones, computers and voice assistance. It helps us to order food, cars and other things online and pay for them. Its scope is continuously increasing. But its dangers are also many. Pointing towards this, Anand Mahindra warned the people.

Sometimes Virat became Shahrukh
Anand Mahindra took the support of a video to make his point. In the video, you can see that a person is telling that this is a ‘deep fake video’, which has been created with the help of artificial intelligence. It can be seen in the video that how one’s own face can be changed while talking to Artificial Intelligence. While talking, the person is also presenting its example. During this, sometimes he looks like Shah Rukh Khan, sometimes Virat Kohli, and sometimes like Iron Man’s hero Robert Downey Jr.

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